Your Thoughts Thursday: Being Bought

May 27, 2010 by Keri

When I was a kid, it was a daily occurrence to hear someone say something like, “Well, would you eat that pile of dirt for ten dollars?” or “Would you kiss Jimmy for a million dollars?!”  And it was stupid.  Because no one was going to offer anyone money to do something so pointless and trivial.  Fast forward to today and the popularity of non-intelligence based game shows.  Is a “test your values, morals, ethics, beliefs” show on the horizon?  For all I know it already exists and if it doesn’t, nothing would surprise me. Do you remember that lie detector show where horrified loved ones listened while people answered deeply personal questions and destroyed their credibility for money?  I wouldn’t doubt a show that has people doodling their forbidden religious figures and eating cheeseburgers in an animal welfare picket line for money is far behind.  Anyway, my sort of silly and yet ever more plausible questions is, would you break your vegan beliefs or diet for a large sum of money? If your friend or family member set you up on some stupid game show to be ambushed with meat for money, would you consider it?  Is there any occasion you can see yourself eating meat or other animal byproducts?

  • Do you consider yourself a vegan for life or a vegan for the time being?
  • When you picture your future, do you ever think there will be a time when you “outgrow” veganism?

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  1. Veronica @ lifewithnature says:

    Good question. Diet for me is not a religion, and I tend to stay away from exteremists! I don’t think however that money could make me go against my core values. Doing anything that goes against our beliefs, for money or not, shouldn’t be considered. It’s this kind of decision that take us far away from our true self and from happiness.

  2. Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga) says:

    GREAT question. The only animal product i can see myself consuming is trace dairy. Not a hunk of cheese or yogurt. We are talking the 8th ingredient in some very trivial bite or this or that, i.e. a powerbar or granola bar or did you know that Truwhip (aka coolwhip) is not vegan. It’s got less than 2% milk in it, but that’s trace to me. But it’s not vegan. Have I had a lick of truwhip. Yep. Do I stress out over this? Not at all!

  3. Vegmom says:

    I would not change my eating habits or beliefs for money of any kind. But agree with Averie’s comment re: the trace amount of stuff. Not that I would eat it for money, but I know that I do consume the trace amount stuff here and there.

    Which goes back to a question a while ago of what do we label ourselves. I don’t really say I’m Vegan because that trace stuff would count me out of that label. But I do eat 98% Vegan foods.

    But it would take a lot more then a reality tv show, friend ambush, and money to get me to eat something I don’t want or don’t feel comfortable consuming for health or moral reasons.

  4. Woz says:

    The thing about being vegan, to me, is that we chose this path because of the things we learned, the injustice done to those that can’t speak for themselves. I don’t think that even if I tried my hardest, I would ever “unknow” those things. Once you know, you know. So if I choose to ever cease living the vegan lifestyle, I’d just be choosing to ignore what I’ve learned. I think it’s always going to be a part of me. I can’t turn my back on what I know now.

  5. Jess - The Domestic Vegan says:

    It’s not Thursday anymore, but I thought I’d weigh in, anyway. 🙂

    I consider myself vegan for life! I’m someone who isn’t comfortable saying “never” in most cases, but if I’d say it about anything, it’d be about never eating animal products again. As Woz said above, once you know the information that makes you decide to become vegan, you can’t unknow – and I’d never want to “unknow.” I love knowing that I am doing my best to live my ethics & be the person I really want to be.