Your Thoughts Thursday: Your Vegan Questions

October 7, 2010 by Keri

It feels like I’ve asked a lot of questions!  I love reading your thoughtful responses and I think many of you enjoy reading people’s comments also, even if you’re not feeling like commenting on that particular question.  Trust me, I could think of questions endlessly, but what I really want to know is what you’d love to see us talking about on a Your Thoughts Thursday.  On a side note, I’m going to get back to answering each one myself, as well.  I used to post my response to each topic in the comments section at the end of the day, but I’ve kind of gotten away from that for one reason or another.  But since many of you have expressed interest, ask and ye shall receive… within reason… no, you can’t have my Vita-Mix.  So my question is, What do you want to ask I Eat Trees readers on Your Thoughts Thursday? Don’t worry, if I use your question I’ll give you credit and a link if you have a blog too.  Feel free to come up with as many questions as you want, being as specific as you wish.  I don’t think my comments section cuts you off until you’ve written a short novel…

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  1. cleaninggirl says:

    I have a few questions or topics if you like.

    What stupid questions have you been asked since you decided to go vegetarian/vegan

    How long did you transition between going/being vegetarian to vegan

    What problems have you encounted with traveling since going vegan? What do you do to ensure you have a vegan friendly meal whilst traveling?

    Are your family/friends supportive of your decision to go Vegan what problems if you’ve had any with your family/friends over your veganism

    What’s the most common question you’ve had when people have learnt/are told that your vegan?

    What was the hardest thing for you to give up when you decided to go vegan

    What are your favourite vegan foods? What do you like to make at home and what you love to eat when eating out?

    Okay I think I’m done for now *lol*

  2. Krys says:

    Do you have a lot of close vegan friends? It sucks because my close vegan friends actually live far away. I know a few vegans here and they aquaintances, but not close to me like vegan friends I consider family. Distance is really lame sometimes.

    • cleaninggirl says:

      Krys I feel your pain all my vegan friends live very far away (I live in the UK they live in Europe & USA) so I tend to find it hard to talk to the people cloeset to me about my veganism share recipes cook together ect which is why I’m thannkful for the internet as it has allowed me to connect and meet so many like minded people as well as get some great recipes and to make wonderful friends with other vegans who I’d of never met if it weren’t for the net.
      If you ever want someone to talk to my ear is always open as is my own blog.

  3. cleaninggirl says:

    I have another topic that I thought of today.

    What challenges have you come across as a vegan parent and tips for vegans thinking of becoming parents and wanting to raise their child/children vegan

  4. Wow. Thanks Keri! I have been hopeing you would do something like this. Well i know my questions may be no where near as significant as the others but..well…here it goes!

    My questions:

    Advice for dating a non-vegan?

    What are some holiday meal traditions in your home?

    Vegan traveling advice?

    Advice for being vegan and joining the military?