Your Thoughts Thursday: Vegan Inspirations

September 30, 2010 by Keri

There isn’t a plethora of “well-known” vegan role-models for people to look up to, and maybe that’s why we get so excited when someone famous goes “almost vegan”, but it nearly always turns out to be a disappointment when they give it up two weeks later, “confessing” the vegan diet nearly killed them.  And celebrity vegans usually focus on the vegan diet rather than the vegan lifestyle because other people are dressing them in the latest leather boots and setting them up for nonvegan product endorsements.  But hold the phones!  Just because there aren’t a lot of mainstream celebrity vegans doesn’t mean we don’t have a ton of stellar vegans to inspire us.  We absolutely do!  So my question is, from whom do you gather the most vegan inspiration?  Tell me, but be sure to let them know also!

  • Are you most inspired by vegan friends, family members, bloggers, celebrities, online acquaintances?
  • Who do you go to for support when you need it?
  • Did anyone inspire to you go vegan or help you along in the transition?
  • Have you inspired anyone to go vegan?
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  1. I’m most inspired by the kindness of vegan friends who, though often quietly and behind the scenes, work every day to make the world a greener, more nurturing place. I’m also inspired by phenomenal vegan bakers, who do the hard work of tweaking the recipes that I use every day, allowing me to confidently walk into any dinner party or potluck.

    I’m not sure if I’ve inspired anyone to go vegan, but I know that I’ve changed the minds of countless friends and family who didn’t believe that vegan food could also be delicious food, and that a vegan lifestyle doesn’t mean going without.

  2. Noelle says:

    Good questions Keri! My vegan inspiration comes from many places but Twitter has been a great place to see how vegans lead their lives and the choices they make daily. It almost keeps me quite accountable since I have NOONE in my life that is vegan. If I need help or inspiration I usually just post on Twitter or I send random emails to fellow vegan bloggers.

    Alicia Silverstone initially inspired me with her book at a time that I needed to make a huge overhaul of my life and of course God who gives me the help to be disciplined.

    I actually have inspired several friends to either go back to being vegan or to try veganism.

    How about you?

  3. Chris says:

    My vegan role model and vegan inspiration is my beautiful and incredibly talented wife. She is my personal vegan chef and mentor. I most likely would be stuck in vegetarian limbo without her help.

    She is able to persuade even the strictest of meat eaters into considering veganism simply by waving a plate of her delicious looking meals around. If she doesn’t have food handy, her photographs and blog do the talking.

    In my vegan life, I try to not impress my beliefs on others. However, most are curious about my lifestyle and are interested in how they can improve there own by including vegan food.

  4. I’m inspired by virtual vegan mentors (you are one, Keri!) I actually blogged about that recently. I’ve learned so much from vegan food bloggers. The real how to’s that helped me make my transition. You know I follow you and I follow Noelle.

    There are so, so many but Choosing Raw, The Front Burner (vegetarian) and Oh She Glows have been super-helpful to me. And just way to many to name, but trust me, my Google Reader explodes every day with fabulous virtual vegan goodness.

  5. Gordon says:

    My Vegan role model and inspiration–and mentor is Megan from the Run Vegan Run podcast ( She’s coached my running for more than a year now and as I started a weight loss program while still an omnivore, she was there in a very helpful and nonjudgmental way, giving advice, reminding me to make “good choices” and all the while showing the compassion that I think all Vegans should exhibit. Slowly but surely, as our friendship grew, I became vegetarian, then “veganarian” (vegetarian with vegan tendencies) and then, last March, I became Vegan. It has changed my life. My friend Megan has changed my life! And I can never thank my dear friend enough for her impact on my health, my running, and my lifer. She has given me the gift of life!

  6. I am a blogger and that is what i do in my free time, so my inspiration actually comes from you guys. I am teased by family, friends, and work-associates alike where no one seems to actually support this life-style (except my awesome mother). But you guys are here for me with new recipes. Reading posts from you keri, the vegan kitchen, vegansaurus, and many others, i feel like i am actually connecting with someone. You are my vegan hero keri. As much of a suck-up “i’m your biggest fan” time of guy i may seem like right now, i do truly look to your posts for encouragement in those hard “whats for dinner tonight” times.

  7. cleaninggirl says:

    •Are you most inspired by vegan friends, family members, bloggers, celebrities, online acquaintances?

    I started looking into veganism back in late January 2009 I was in a crux with my health – I mean I was excessively obese I was borderline diabetic, I had a serverly underactive thyroid that I had to take medication for, I was having bouts of excessive nausea basically my body was screaming at me to change. I got talking to a friend of mine Tracie whom I met online (on livejournal actually we’re both Bones fans We’d become friends over our shared passion for Bones, X Files and music) when Tracie made a post about her weightloss she’d been in the same boat as me tried all sorts of diets but nothing had worked for either her until she turned to veganism after having looked into what it was herself as she didn’t know anything about what a vegan was she thought she’d give it a try a big inspiration for her and myself at first was Emily Deschanel who stars in Bones. Anyway Tracie and I talked at length about her having gone vegan and how it had helped her lose weight along with exercise. I knew I needed to make a change so I slowly went to being vegertarian at the end of Febuary 2009 after having done as much reading online as I could about a vegan diet and brought a couple of books (Skinny Bitch books). By the end of June 2009 I went 100% vegan I had spent a lot of time reading the material on Farm Sanctuary and going on their virtual tour that was a real eye opener for me and made me want to go vegan all the more.
    So yes it was an online friend who helped inspire me to go vegan along with Emily Deschanel, non of my family are vegan so it makes vegan living very challenging for me but my family does now buy more vegan products than before.
    I get the most inspiration to continue with my vegan lifestyle from having read the book Farm Sanctuary, I think that is my biggest motivator all the books I have read about how Farm animals are now treated today.
    I get alot of help/support via twitter with you Keri as well as thisdishisveg, findingvegan, FarmSanctuary, Girliegirlarmy & AJShannon whom has taken on the challenge of veganishing the Betty Crocker cookbook I’ve tried a few of the recipes Annie has posted I’m even a part of her family tree (well my livejournal is where I post my own vegan recipes)
    Oh yes I have also since Feb ’09 lost 64lbs just by going vegan no excessive exercise

    •Who do you go to for support when you need it?

    Non of my close friends or family are vegan so I can’t talk to them so I tend to talk to my online friends even just visting here helps, but I tend to look within myself for the support I need. I live in the UK (in N.Wales) so being vegan isn’t easy and it’s all about the choices I choose to make or not make with what I put into my body or on my body I even use a lovely vegan washingup liquid and fabric softner. I think if I was really struggeling I’d ask my vegan friends on twitter for help or guidence.

    •Did anyone inspire to you go vegan or help you along in the transition?

    As I said before I was encouraged to try veganism by a friend but I uhmed and arghed over it for a full month where I got the shock of my life when I visited Farm Sanctuary’s website which helped pave the way as well as being awed at the fact that Emily Deschanel is vegan and supports so many animal awareness causes. I was at first helped by my online friend by seeing as we were thousands of miles away and 6 hours apart it made it difficult so I pretty much went out on my own with it I brought a ton of vegan cookbooks which have helped me a great deal but I’ve also come up with my own recipies too I love to cook just wish I had more time to create new dishes as I currently work 7 days a week along with helping care for my disablied mother.

    •Have you inspired anyone to go vegan?

    I haven’t inspired anyone to go vegan but I did get my best friend to go back to being vegetarian.

  8. Katt says:

    I went vegetarian a couple months ago and just went back to being vegan as soon as I saw on CNN that Bill Clinton went vegan. So I guess we can say he’s my inspiration. Along with all these awsome vegan bloggers ;]