What’s In Your Vegan Shower?

March 3, 2010 by Keri

If you knew me in a former life blog, you may know that I have a lot of experience with cosmetics and other personal grooming products.  Through my research concerning what was inside these products that people, particularly women, were grabbing up like mad, I realized that most people have no idea what they are putting onto, and in turn into, their bodies on a daily basis.  Most of us have never even thought to question the safety of what we were being sold and the validity of the marketing gimmicks behind that pretty packaging.  The truth is that often even the companies putting the fancy creams and serums in the pretty packages have no idea exactly how safe or effective they are to the consumer.  Safety aside, many cosmetics and beauty products are housing hidden animal products that we haven’t even thought to consider.  Often times, we vegans are so busy figuring out what exactly is in our food that we forget to consider what is in our other daily products.

Vegan Shampoo

The main purpose of this post is that I’m curious!  I want to know what vegan products you are using so that I can try your favorite things and find new favorites of my own.  I love to use products from all-vegan companies as often as possible.  I know many people are anti-shampoo altogether, but I haven’t yet tried the sudsless phenomenon.  I’m currently using JASON Biotin shampoo and conditioner and really love how strong and clean they make my hair feel.  Another set I love is the Giovanni Smooth As Silk shampoo and conditioner, which of course don’t actually contain silk, but make my hair very smooth with a refreshing grapefruit scent.  I’m all about the grapefruit pick-me-up in the morning!

Vegan Shampoo

As far as face wash goes, I’ve been using Desert Essence Thoroughly Clean Face Wash with tea tree oil and sea kelp.  I picked it up one day at Whole Foods because I was out of face wash, it was affordable, vegan, and I was in a hurry, and luckily it really seems to work for me.  For an occasional treat I use Queen Helene’s  Mint Julip Mask which is so refreshingly minty for a skin perk up.  The body wash that currently sits in my shower is LUSH’s Snow Fairy.  I really love the scents of LUSH’s products, but I do wish they would stray from using sulfates and parabens. I also have their Celestial Facial Moisturizer; it smells amazing, like vanilla pancake batter, but I didn’t realize it contained parabens when I purchased.

Toothpaste is one area where we find a lot of brands with animal testing.  I previously purchased Tom’s of Maine, but they were bought by Colgate, a company that tests on animals, so I made a switch.  JASON Seafresh Toothpaste is absolutely amazing!  It’s crazy to rave about a toothpaste, but it makes my teeth feel so clean and fresh; it’s definitely a keeper.  Another product I  purchased from Tom’s in the past is deodorant, but I am now using LUSH The Greeench and I’m a big fan.  It’s a powder with a nice clean, yet not overpowering scent.

I know I mentioned quite a few products, but I wanted to quickly gloss over the vegan toiletries I’m currently keeping around.  It seems like there are new vegan companies emerging constantly, and with Etsy handmade soaps and cosmetics it’s easy and fun to find new products.  I am really interested in what you are loving because I don’t like to use the same products over and over (with the exception of that amazing toothpaste); I love to try new things!

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  1. Jess - The Domestic Vegan says:

    Great post! I love Kiss My Face products, especially their shower gels. They’re vegan & environmentally-friendly (biodegradable)! They smell delicious, as well. For face wash & lotion, I love Origins. Aveda has great face masks, and there is a shop on Etsy called Ayelet17 that has a ton of amazing vegan (and homemade!) products – face masks, body masks, exfoliators, deodorants, under eye cream, etc. Love that shop! (I think the only non-vegan product that Ayelet sells is lip balm, which has beeswax in it.)

    I have yet to find a great vegan shampoo & conditioner. Pureology preserves my color amazingly well, but it leaves my hair a dry, tangly mess! 🙁 I haven’t tried either of your favorites, so I’m excited to have new options!

  2. KD says:

    I also love Jason Sea Fresh toothpaste, but it’s so expensive where I live. I have found that either Tom’s of Maine or Nature’s Gate have some great toothpastes, and are a bit friendlier on the wallet. I love MyChelle Products for skin care (be wary, some are not vegan) and almost any vegan shampoo for my locks.

    Great post! It is a great reminder that veganism is more than a diet 🙂

  3. Melanie says:

    I’m glad to see this post, as I’m always on the lookout for new vegan beauty products!

    All the Desert Essence hair products smell SO good, but unfortunately, they don’t work wonders for my hair. Neither do Giovanni hair products, except for the color defense shampoo, which really does brighten my blonde roots. I have naturally wavy hair, so when I want to bring out the curl, I use ABBA’s curl-enhancing system. However, my overall favorite brand for shampoo and conditioner is Aveda (I don’t think Aveda is 100% vegan, but the specific products that I use are).

    For body wash, I use ShiKai, which I’ve been loyal to for years because it lathers better than any other body wash I’ve ever tried. My favorite scents are the vanilla and coconut.

    Deodorant: Nature’s Gate (Autumn Breeze)

    Shaving lotion: Kiss My Face (Key Lime)

    Face wash: Nature’s Gate Acne Treatment System (It works great for me!)

    Perfume: Pacifica (They have these little solid perfume tins that are great for carrying around in your purse. After a few too many perfume leaks, I was so stoked to discover them!)

  4. Sara Stanton says:

    Hair: I use Baking Soda as a “shampoo” and Apple Cider Vinegar as a rinse. If my hair is a bit dry I use Desert Essence Tea Tree Oil or Jojoba on the ends. I have been doing this for two months now and could not be happier. For someone who used to use 8 different types of shampoo/conditioner this has been such a change.

    Body: Pure & Natural Oatmeal and Shea Butter body wash. It’s wonderful and smells like summer!
    Deodorant: Tom’s of Main unscented for sensitive skin.

    I am trying to find a good face product but it’s hard for me. I tried the Alba lines but they just made my face terrible. I do use Queen Helene’s Mint Julep mask for problem areas. If you apply a thin coat of the mask you can sleep in it, it’s that gentle and it’s great for blackheads etc. St. Ives Apricot scrub is also a must!

  5. Lacey says:

    I use Pureology hydrate system in the winter and their volume system in the summer. Pureology’s products are all vegan and should only be purchased at a salon or online from a salon supply store.

    I use Origins face care line. Origins does not test on animals, only on human volunteers. Origins entire line of face products are vegan; a few things origins sells contain beeswax; but those products are easily avoided as there are VERY few of them. I like Origins Checks & Balances face wash and their a perfect world moisturizer. I also use origins Ginger Souffle body wash OR Kiehl’s body wash. Kiehls has a lot of vegan things as well.

    Toothpaste wise I’ve used JASON powersmile for years-love how minty it is!!

  6. Keri says:

    Thank you so much for these awesome replies! I’m looking up some of the products that you’ve all listed right now to try when I run out of what I currently have. Etsy is great isn’t it? I’m so checking out Ayelet17, Jess! If anyone else has any great vegan sellers let me know!

  7. Amy says:

    Great post! I’m loving the suggestions. I’m still transitioning my bathroom over to friendly products, but here are two products I’m using:

    Kiss My Face Pure Olive Oil soap – I LOVE LOVE this soap. It’s pure, vegan, and made by a company that does not test on animals. The 8oz bar is HUGE and lasts forever and it’s very economical. I previously bought it on drugstore.com for 3.99 but I just saw it at Whole Foods last weekend for 2.99.

    100% Pure Organic Pomegranate Antioxidant Hydration SPF 20 face lotion – I really like this face lotion in the mornings and it has SPF for protection. It’s 100% vegan.

  8. Laura Jill says:

    Hi Keri!

    Thanks for the heads up on Tom’s of Maine…as soon as I run out, I’m switching to the JASON that you recommended.

    The brand I use most (this month, lol)–shampoo, conditioner, bodywash, facewash, lotion–is Avalon Organics–I really like their Biotin shampoo and conditioner, so I keep going back to it. My deodorant is Kiss My Face Liquid Rock, it seems to really work, and I’ve researched deodorant A LOT!

    Thanks for doing this post–I’m excited to check out the products that everyone mentioned!