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The 4 Ingredient Vegan Mediterranean Penne, Roasted Green Beans, And Bliss Balls

August 29, 2010

As you may have guessed, The 4 Ingredient Vegan is filled with vegan recipes that can be made with just four ingredients.  The only exceptions to the rule are water, salt, pepper, and oil or margarine, which don’t count towards the four ingredients, and the occasional optional or suggested ingredient.  These recipes sometimes utilize canned, premade,…

Vegan Mini Polenta Pizzas, Udon, And Fresh Fig Bars

August 27, 2010
Vegan Mini Polenta Pizzas, Udon, And Fresh Fig Bars

I was planning on blogging about all of this last night after I put my little man to bed, but it’s all a blur.  I definitely don’t remember falling asleep, but next thing I knew I was waking up, grabbing for a clock.  Eleven o’clock?!  Dang it!  It was too late to gather enough brain…

Vegan Peach Crumble, Sloppy Jonis, And Aztec Hot Chocolate

August 21, 2010
Vegan Peach Crumble, Sloppy Jonis, And Aztec Hot Chocolate

The other night, I was asking around for a great vegan peach cobbler recipe, but came up empty handed.  I decided to make a quick little vegan peach crumble of my own design while I waited around for a perfect tried-and-true cobbler recipe to come along.  I skipped coating my fresh peaches in sugar, because…

Vegan Creme De Menthe Bars, Chia, And Ancho Vinaigrette

August 5, 2010

Last night I stayed up a little too late to make Averie of Love Veggies and Yoga’s Vegan Creme de Menthe Bars.  Actually, I was already up too late, and the bars didn’t take very long to make at all.  I didn’t have creme de menthe, so as Averie suggested, I used a tablespoon mint…

Happy Herbivore’s Vegan Rice Pudding

June 30, 2010

Happy last day of June!  That means my birthday is in 18 days (July 18th)!  I’m trying really hard to get psyched about it this year, simply because I miss birthdays being fun.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m thrilled to have lived another year, but ever since 21 it’s just felt like another day.  I…

Keri’s Vegan Cookies And Other Treats

June 28, 2010
Keri’s Vegan Cookies And Other Treats

Do you ever eat something veganized and wish everyone could taste it and just understand all food is better this way?  Okay, that’s how I feel about everything I eat, but it was especially so with Friday’s lunchtime sandwich.  Replacing the saturated-fat-and-suffering-laden bacon with smoked tempeh strips only makes the classic BLT better!  I used…

A Sandwich, Vegan Pizza, And Trifle

June 9, 2010

Today’s lunchtime remix sandwich was pretty epic.  There were a couple of grilled portobellos and eggplant slices left from last night’s dinner, so I decided to make sandwiches with them.  I paninied (that’s a verb now) grilled eggplant and  a grilled portobello, topped with basil and garlic marinara and a little vegan cheddar Daiya on…

ED&BV Lemon Garlic Vegan Pasta And Vanilla Snow Cones

June 4, 2010

Eat, Drink, & Be Vegan just joined my cookbook collection a couple of months ago, but it somehow already worked its way out of my repertoire.  We couldn’t have that, so yesterday afternoon I started flipping through  the pages for a recipe with ingredients I had in the pantry.  When I came to Lemon Garlic…

Potato Casserole And Averie’s Vegan Soft Serve

June 3, 2010

I’ll start with yesterday’s lunchtime remix, because it was a really tasty one!  Over mixed greens, I piled cold leftover fajita casserole, and topped it off with a little salsa.  I surrounded the whole delicious mess with tortilla chips for yummy decoration.  This vegan fajita salad was as good as, if not better than, the…

Vegan Bridal Shower Goodies

May 31, 2010

Normally I feel like weekends fly by, but this was a long one.  I planned to go get the last few things for my bridal shower baking, but to make a long story short there were car issues and I got stuck at home.  So Friday morning my son and I finally made it to…