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Vegan Game Day Recipes From Gardein

February 4, 2011

You may not have guessed it about me (okay, you probably would), but I’m not a huge football fan. I can rarely sit in one place long enough to watch a whole television episode, and if I do I’m probably doing something else and not fully paying attention, so watching people run up and down…

Vegan Crab Cakes

December 17, 2010

While I’ve read wonderful things about Match products on other blogs, they aren’t available around here, so I had never actually tasted them to see for myself.  But when I was ordering the Match roast from Vegan Essentials for the holidays, I decided it was a great opportunity to try one of their other offerings. …

Gardein Vegan Spring Rolls And Beefless Bites

December 15, 2010

Just in time for holiday party season, Gardein has come up with two new appetizer recipes to share, chick’n spring rolls and beefless bites.  Send these pretty babies around the room and I’m guessing you’re going to get your tray back licked clean.  I love that the ingredient lists are kept brief because goodness knows…

Vegan Cheeseball

December 3, 2010
Vegan Cheeseball

If you can believe it, I used to help a local philanthropic sorority make cheeseballs to raise funds every year, so I’m no stranger to the process.  But this recipe is better because it’s a vegan cheeseball recipe!  It’s fun to get creative with your flavorings, so add in your favorite herbs and spices and…

Vegan Mini Polenta Pizzas, Udon, And Fresh Fig Bars

August 27, 2010
Vegan Mini Polenta Pizzas, Udon, And Fresh Fig Bars

I was planning on blogging about all of this last night after I put my little man to bed, but it’s all a blur.  I definitely don’t remember falling asleep, but next thing I knew I was waking up, grabbing for a clock.  Eleven o’clock?!  Dang it!  It was too late to gather enough brain…

Mary’s Gone Crackers Vegan Bruschetta

July 17, 2010

**Giveaway Closed**  Congratulations to my randomly selected winner, Averie!  Expect an email from me looking for a shipping address! And we’re back with the birthday celebration giveaways.  There will be one more after this one, but it will have to start slightly after my birthday (July 18th) since the goods haven’t arrived yet.  That’s alright,…