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Vegan Peach Crumble, Sloppy Jonis, And Aztec Hot Chocolate

August 21, 2010
Vegan Peach Crumble, Sloppy Jonis, And Aztec Hot Chocolate

The other night, I was asking around for a great vegan peach cobbler recipe, but came up empty handed.  I decided to make a quick little vegan peach crumble of my own design while I waited around for a perfect tried-and-true cobbler recipe to come along.  I skipped coating my fresh peaches in sugar, because…

Speed Vegan Miso Mashed Potatoes, Fried Jalapeños, And Braised Tofu

August 18, 2010

Last night, I was definitely running late for a class I’m taking through a local university, and all I could get out for dinner was a cucumber salad and miso mashed potatoes, two recipes from Speed Vegan.  The funny thing is, I actually opted to use the time I didn’t have to eat, to take…

Speed Vegan Linguine With Sun-Dried Tomato Sauce And Balsamic Mushrooms

August 17, 2010

Tonight’s dinner was seriously out of this world amazing.  I once again cracked open Speed Vegan to make Linguine with Sun-dried Tomato Sauce.  To accompany the vegan pasta I decided on the Balsamic Mushrooms, partly because they sounded delicious and partly because I had mushrooms. The flavors of olive oil, garlic, and sun-dried tomatoes all…

Vegan Speed Leek And Cauliflower Soup And Nutty Chocolate Balls

August 15, 2010

Before I get to that Speed Vegan recipe I’ve been promising you, I want to wish my mom a very Happy 44th Birthday!! Don’t freak out on me for posting your age, Mom.  You’re still young and beautiful! I have have to admit, I was a little excited to open Speed Vegan this morning.  I can have a…