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Asian Fusion Vegan Hot Pot

November 4, 2010
Asian Fusion Vegan Hot Pot

Hey, look, I finally made it out of the Philippines!  The recipe for Hot Pot With Udon Noodles (page 82) can be found in Asian Fusion‘s Japanese section, the section I was supposed to make supposed to make sushi from before my great sushi-making curse struck once again.  According to the book, Japanese hot pots…

Asian Fusion Vegan Kari-Kari

November 2, 2010

I’ll admit it.  I was drawn in by the name.  Sure, it’s not quite my name, but people often misspell my name that way!  Another Filipino recipe from Asian Fusion, Kari-Kari (page 118) is a braised vegetable dish in peanut sauce.  I was originally planning to make sushi from the Japanese section, but if you…

Asian Fusion Filipino Hot And Sour Vegan Soup

November 1, 2010

I have to say, if I was excited about Vegan MoFo before, I’m really excited about it now.  I’ve read an entire day’s worth of amazing posts, some from beloved bloggers I haven’t seen post in quite some time, and after I finish writing this, I’m sure I’m off to read more! In the spirit…