Vegan Sweet Potato Quesadillas

November 9, 2010 by Keri

If you’re looking for something other than the usual sandwich or salad to make for a meal in a hurry, break out your panini press or grill pan and give these quesadillas a try!  They aren’t your average quesadillas because rather than being held together by packaged vegan cheese, these are stuffed with whipped sweet potatoes, brown rice, sun-dried tomatoes, and baby spinach.  Cut the tortillas into wedges, and any number of sauces would be perfect for dipping!  They could work with something sweet, like an agave dip,  or something spicy, like a chipotle salsa.  Either way, or even dipless, yum!

Sweet Potato Quesadillas

  • 8 8-inch whole wheat flour tortillas
  • 2 large sweet potatoes, peeled and cut into large chunks
  • 1 1/2 cups cooked brown rice
  • 1 cup fresh baby spinach leaves
  • 1/4 cup sun-dried tomatoes, minced
  • Vegan butter, oil, and/or nondairy milk
  • Salt and pepper

Vegan Rice Recipes

Heat water in a pot with a steamer basket, and steam the sweet potato chunks until very tender, about 15 minutes.  Place the steamed potato chunks in a large bowl, add a small amount of vegan butter, oil, and/or nondairy milk, as well as salt and pepper to taste, and whip potatoes until smooth with a hand-held or stand mixer.
To assemble the quesadillas, place 4 of the tortillas on a clean, flat surface and spoon 1/4 of the whipped sweet potatoes onto each tortilla, leaving at least an inch around the edge without filling so it doesn’t squish out while pressing or grilling.  Spoon 1/4 of the rice onto each tortilla, over the whipped sweet potatoes.  Follow with dividing the spinach leaves and sun-dried tomatoes among the 4 quesadillas, and top each with one of the remaining tortillas.
Heat your panini press or grill pan, and grill quesadillas until the tortillas are browned and crisp around the edges, about 10 minutes, or 5 minutes per side if using a grill pan.  Enjoy!

Vegan Rice Recipes

Vegan Rice Recipes

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  1. bitt says:

    Is this for sweet and savory kitchen challenge?

    You should enter!

  2. I would love these. I’m not crazy about vegan cheese quessadillas but this sounds perfect. Thanks!

  3. That should have one s.

  4. Chrisie says:

    Those look really good. I need to make those! I just love sweet potatoes.

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  6. Lisa Marie says:

    Oh yum! Those look delicious! I just LOVE sweet potatoes!!!

  7. Laura Jill says:

    OMG Keri, YUM!!! I have these bookmarked to try asap!


  8. Brandi says:

    Yummy! I’ve had a butternut squash quesadilla before and that was fantastic so I’m sure the sweet potato would be great as well. I’m putting this in my must eat soon list.

  9. Teresa says:

    I made these last night and they were delicious!! My husband and I could only each eat one…they are very satisfying. We are having them again tonight since we had leftovers..can’t wait!