Vegan Sushi

January 15, 2010 by Keri

Being a major sushi lover in my college days, I haven’t had any of the stuff in quite some time.  I have seen mouth-watering pictures on other blogs of vegan-friendly sushi, but just hadn’t come across any until tonight.  Doing the weekly shopping at Whole Foods, I must admit I love to take my time (or “you take foreeeever” as some might say) and browse all of the yummy looking offerings.  I happened past the sushi counter, admiring the pretty saki bottles, when I looked down and saw the glorious “V” on one of the sushi containers.  I’m quite used to grocery store chain sushi brands jamming imitation crab (white fish) into everything, so I rarely take notice, but I snatched that one up immediately, wishing there had been another so that I could have one to myself instead of having to share this one with my newly vegetarian husband (I shared!).

Vegan Sushi

When I got home, I plated the sushi so that it didn’t look so “convenience store” and we dug in!  It was so delicious, partially because if you cover a sheet of cardboard in wasabi I’ll tell you it’s delicious and partially because I was so excited to have vegan sushi! I know you all can sense my ridiculous level of excitement through the screen and you’re probably rolling your eyes at me right now, but you have to understand that I currently am living in a town where Applebee’s is fine dining (and pretty much the only restaurant in town) so “I don’t get out much” is an understatement.

Vegan Sushi

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  1. ansharp says:

    Looks so tasty! The next time I can afford to enter a Whole Foods I’ll be stopping by the sushi counter for sure.