Vegan Pizza With Follow Your Heart Vegan Cheese

March 8, 2010 by Keri

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of an awesome vegan pizza.  I love to try out different vegan cheeses to see if one reigns supreme over all others when it comes to the pie.  So far, I’ve used Chicago Soy Dairy Teese, Daiya Shreds, and just last night, Follow Your Heart.  Follow Your Heart comes in a block, which I shredded, much like the Teese.  For each “trial” I have used this crust recipe, which I absolutely love.  Last night’s pizza was topped with white truffle oil, tomato sauce, white onion, broccoli, cauliflower, kale, and shredded Follow Your Heart mozzarella.  I actually had a bit of a “cheese overflow” from heaping on too much cheese!  The Follow Your Heart mozzarella maintained the shape of the shreds a little on top, but it’s definitely melty and delicious.  I really loved the flavor of this one; it wasn’t too creamy for pizza and had a great after taste.  I think this one may be my new favorite pizza-topping cheese, but I’m always on the hunt to try something new!

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  1. Amanda says:

    Could this look any more delicious!! I am completely envious and haven’t made a “cheese” pizza due to the absence of daiya in my life. I think you just gave me the motivation I need to try something different!

  2. Sara Stanton says:

    I love the Follow Your Heart Cheese, it’s easy to find in my non-veg friendly town. I have also tried the Daiya (had to order from Vegan Essentials), it’s great but there is something about the “cheese” that kinda freaks me out. I swear the creator of that product must have sold their soul to the devil to make it that good. I have an issue with it’s salt content as well, it’s way high and makes me feel yucky some time after eating it.
    I made the “Mostarella” from the Uncheese cookbook, and while it’s more of a spread than a shred, if you add some Italian seasoning to the “cheese” before refrigeration, it’s great on pizza; with olives, red onion and spinach. Your pizza looks great by the way.

  3. Keri says:

    Amanda, Daiya is awesome, but this one was really really tasty on the pizza. It just doesn’t have that cheese texture when it’s not melted like Daiya perfected.

    Sara, I’ll have to look into that cookbook! I love Daiya (I currently have a huge bag in my freezer), but I can’t find it in stores like I can the FYH. I hadn’t noticed the saltiness in the Daiya, but I’ll have to take a look. It is way too good to have been created any other way! 😉

  4. I’d sure love to try Daiya!

    And I always have trouble getting Follow Your Heart Cheese to melt properly. But I love the taste of it! Sometimes I just eat it plain… slice by slice. That’s bad. Cause then when I need it for a recipe, like pizza, there isn’t any left! 🙂 The hungry nighttime snacky monster, Valerie, got to it! Oh dear…


  5. Keri says:

    I’ve never tried it unmelted, probably because a lot of them taste odd just on their own, but I should! I know what you mean though; I’m that way with Dandies marshmallows. I buy them to make something and then they magically disappear before anything gets made. 😀

  6. Kim says:

    Vegan Valerie, I recommend microwaving shredded Follow Your Heart cheese for 30 seconds or so, until it’s a little warm, then top your pizza (or whatever). This will ensure that it melts enough, without needing to leave the pizza in longer and burning the crust. 🙂