Vegan Messy Steves

March 25, 2010 by Keri

Okay, they’re sloppy joes, but I didn’t want to be unoriginal!  My mom noticed a sale on Fantastic Foods mixes at her local store and picked us up a few.  I’ve only tried their vegan taco filling, and it was really tasty, so I was excited to get to try some of the others.  Tonight, I decided to make the vegan sloppy joes (messy steves!) for a fun little change of pace.

Vegan Sandwich Recipes

The mix was extremely quick and easy to make, calling for only water, a can of tomato paste, and olive oil.  Since I don’t keep canned goods around, I used some leftover thick marinara instead and it seemed to work just as well. Then I sauteed fresh mushrooms, sliced up some raw onion, and thawed a little Daiya cheddar to top it all off.

Vegan Sandwich Recipes

I’m pretty sure I remember hating sloppy joes as a kid, but these were really tasty. Surprisingly, we all stayed really clean!  Even my two year old managed to polish off his plate without too much on his face (or in his hair).  And there just can’t be anything better than the smell of sauteing mushrooms lingering in the kitchen. Yum!  Well, I hope everyone had a great Thursday.  Lately, I’ve really been looking forward to taking some time to read all of your blogs in the morning, so I feel like I can say, “See you tomorrow!”

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