Vegan Lunchtime Remix

March 3, 2010 by Keri

Lunch is often the meal where I take last night’s leftovers and turn them into something new.  I love to make big pots of things like brown rice or legumes in advance to store in the fridge and use with leftover dishes to make them different.  Creations can be really simple or fun depending on my mood, and I try to stick as closely as possible to what I’m “craving” because I try to give my body credit for knowing what it needs.  Today, I was really wanting brown rice and greens.  Since I had leftover brown rice, I just steamed collared greens and snap peas, added the leftover cauliflower from last night so that it wouldn’t go to waste and topped it off with a touch of shoyu. For “dessert” I had a handful of almonds, pumpkin seeds, and raisins.

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Another one of my favorite things to do for a lunchtime leftover remix is panini-fy it!  The golden rule is that if it tasted good last night, it is going to taste even better today between two pieces of bread topped off with vegan cheese and pressed between two hot grill plates (or was it treat others as you wish to be treated? I always get those two confused). Leftover tempeh, roasted vegetables, grain sausage, pizza?!, whatever you’re needing to use is great as a panini.  Add a side salad and yum!

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