Vegan Holiday Stocking Stuffer Ideas

December 6, 2010 by Keri

I’m not sure why, but the stockings were always my favorite part of Christmas.  Maybe it’s because I usually knew what I was getting, but the stocking was a complete surprise, or perhaps I just have an affinity for mini goodies, but either way, I looked forward to dumping out that sock of treasures!  If you can relate, or have a little one or spouse with stuffed-sock-love, here are some vegan stocking stuffer ideas!


It’s true you can walk into a massive chain store and buy any number of treats that happen to be vegan, but I  like treats that are “vegan on purpose”, especially on special occasions.  I’ve raved about Yummy Earth’s organic, fruit-sweetened lollipops before, but they’re simply the best!  Smaller bags are usually available in Whole Foods candy and snacks isle, too.  My Whole Foods also has Yummy Earth’s Wild Peppermint Drops and Cheeky Lemon Drops, while you’re there.

You can’t forget chocolate!  Although, if your stockings are hanging on the mantle, you may not want to light the fireplace to avoid choco-puddles in wrappers.  My favorite vegan candy bars are by Go Max Go Foods, and all four kinds are amazing.  And if I do say so myself, they’re even better than the mainstream bars they are modeled after.

Slipping in a few holiday-themed treats is a must!  Sweet and Sara makes adorable and yummy marshmallows shaped as snowmen, reindeer, or snowflakes for the season.  Or if you aren’t into fun shapes, they have regular-shaped marshmallows in a special holiday chocolate peppermint flavor.  Since you probably need to include a little holiday chocolate with your holiday marshmallows, Allison’s Gourmet has their beautiful seasonal peppermint bark.

It’s probably nice to throw in a few edibles that aren’t made of pure sugar as well, and I love Primal Strips vegan jerky.  They come in strips or sticks.  Oh, and the Texas Barbecue is the best!  Clif Bars are another favorite stocking stuffer snack around here, and they’re easy to find at mostly any major chain store that carries food.  And while we’re grabby easy-to-find stocking stuffer snacks, pick up a couple of Peeled Snacks or Sahale Snacks on your next trip to Starbucks.  It’s a good excuse for a soy latte trip, at the least!


How awesome are these friendly-food recipe cards from My Zoetrope?!  If the person whose stocking you’re stuffing has a drawer full of paper scraps with “the good recipe ideas” written on them, like I do, give them a reason to make their recipes look more official.  It’s a whole lot easier to organize cards than torn pieces of paper and cardboard!  And if recipe cards aren’t what you were looking for, but you still want some sock-sized adorableness from My Zoetrope, she also has lovely painted ornaments.

Mini kitchen gadgets are the best.  They seem impractical, so people rarely buy them for themselves, but they come in handy way more often than you would think.  Plus, they’re a perfect non-edible addition to a mostly-treat-stuffed stocking.  Mini whisks fit in glasses, small bowls, tiny saucepans, and where ever else you can’t jam a full-size.  Or for grating garlic, nutmeg, lemon zest, or a single serving or mostly anything, this tiny grater would be perfect and save your recipient from washing the big one for such a tiny task.  You can usually find bins of these mini essentials at Sur La Table or other kitchen stores, especially around the holidays.

Especially if your stocking owner enjoys being in the kitchen, I like to think of small things they probably don’t have that could be holding them back from trying great recipes.  A candy thermometer or oven thermometer is a perfect example of that.  I’d suggest a few nice small knives, but that just sounds dangerous for the person reaching in the stocking, now doesn’t it?  There’s always a good wine aerator on the pricier end, for a stocking stuffer, I mean, and a wine drinker can never have to many nice, functional stoppers.  As you can see, I could go on and on with the fun kitchen stocking stuffers, but I’ll stop myself now.  If you’re an online shopper, the possibilities are endless, and if you’re one of those people that prefers to actually go to stores, just look in those little bins they keep near the cash register.  There’s all kinds of little stocking stuffer goodness in there!


I don’t care how old you are, everyone needs toys in their stocking!  My little man is getting one of these awesome handmade mini pirate monsters from Panda With Cookie, but if you have less room in your loved one’s stocking, she also makes them in “wee” size or even as little ornaments or magnets.  We had a hard time choosing between the pirate and the super monster, but in the end it came down to “Arrrgh”.  You just can’t beat homemade for cuddly lovableness.  It’s just special.  And when you buy handmade, you greatly decrease the chances someone else got them the same thing.

For the legitimately young, because I’m guessing even the young at heart don’t play with play food, stuff their socks with pretend fruits and veggies.  It’s no secret how much I love Melissa and Doug toys, and why shouldn’t my little man’s stuffed monster be eating a healthy, balanced vegan diet as well?!   Plus, when you put real vegetables in stockings, they tend to get other things damp…  Oh, and while we’re speaking of Melissa and Doug, have I ever mentioned their vegan crayons?  Oh, I have?! Great stocking stuffer.

I really don’t know how nerdy you and those you’re shopping for are, but around here, nerd toys FTW.  Every year I visit ThinkGeek for the latest and greatest in geek toys for stocking stuffers.  They have all things Star Wars, Star Trek, Big Bang Theory, etc.  They have little USB goodies galore and loads of fun science toys and kits.  I just couldn’t decide if the Star Trek bottle opener and Star Wars chop sticks went in toys or kitchen…

Health and Beauty

It’s hard to find a great vegan lip balm, or a vegan lip balm at all, in most chain stores, making them the perfect stocking stuffer because it’s such a relief to have them on hand!  Crazy Rumors is known for their fun flavors, like this a la mode set, but several other companies make them also, like Lush’s None of Your Beeswax.  While we’re on the subject of lips, Urban Decay makes great vegan lipstick shades if your recipient is a lip-color-wearer.

Little vegan bath indulgences like Lush’s bubble bars and bath bombs make great stocking stuffers!  And they mark their vegan selections clearly with a green V to make your shopping experience easier.  If you prefer to go with a smaller all-vegan handmade bath product businesses, check out Etsy!  I can’t recommend a specific seller because I haven’t tried any yet, but there are reviews and ratings if you need help choosing.  Just be sure to put fragile scantily-wrapped bath goodies near the top so they don’t get crushed!

Don’t forget “the usuals” when it comes to stocking stuffers.  Sure, shampoo or conditioner is something most people buy for themselves all the time, but get some nice scents like my favorite, Alba Botanicals.  And especially around this time of year, vegan lotions can be really nice to gift for moisturizing winter skin.  Vegan soaps, shaving creams, balms, and even crystal “deodorant” rocks may not seem like they’d be fun stocking stuffers, but are great to have an extra on hand and may help someone discover a new favorite!

If you’re not finished with your holiday shopping yet, check out these vegan holiday gift suggestions.

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