Vegan Holiday Gift Suggestions

November 16, 2010 by Keri

If you celebrate any winter gift-giving holiday, chances are you’ve begun to consider, or stress-out about, finding gifts for your friends and family.  Sure, your loved ones probably aren’t all vegan, but it’s your dollar and you’re probably going to be spending it on gifts that fit your lifestyle as well as theirs.  Or maybe you’re not vegan, but have a vegan on your list for whom you came here hoping to find a gift idea.  Either way, allow me to help!  I’ve always loved helping people pick out thoughtful gifts, and sometimes it takes a second mind, outside of the personal relationship, to offer a few new vegan holiday gift suggestions.  We tend to get stuck in a gift-giving rut, “Well, I always get him a tie, so I guess I’ll just get him a tie,” and some fresh new ideas could really liven up the festivities!

Gift Certificates

If you’re coming to this post because you have no idea what to get the vegan on your list, consider my pro-gift-certificate argument:  I know people don’t like giving gift certificates because they scream, “I really had no clue what to get you so here’s some money; shop for yourself,” but why not a gift certificate to an all-vegan retailer?  Unless they’re living in Portland, New York City, or somewhere else specifically vegan-friendly,  extras and accessories are hard to find!  Imagine the freedom of being given money and directed towards an online retailer where every single item in the store is completely 100% vegan.  No reading through 700 ingredients on every label or quizzing a clueless sales guy on what kind of glue was used to make those pleather shoes.  It’s all already done for them!  Companies like Vegan Essentials, Alternative Outfitters, Moo ShoesVegan Chic, and Herbivore Clothing Company have already done the quizzing for them!  It’s personal, because you thought of them and how hard they work to keep their lives animal-product-free.  And don’t say you’re going to give them cash and a send them along to those sites, because if they’re like me, it becomes an electric bill payment rather than a gift.

Baked Goods

Who doesn’t love cookies? I know a lot of people don’t like to give consumable gifts, because after they’re eaten your gift is forgotten, but I suggest making it an entire all-around awesome gift by making a little kit of it.  Baked goods make great themed gifts for people who love to cook because you can wrap them in a glass mixing bowl or baking dish for a little something extra.  For an entire cookie themed gift, I adore these Demarle Silpat baking mats; they’re something a lot of people haven’t used, but the first time they bake with them it’s all but life-altering.  Add a copy of Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar and suddenly your gift seems so pulled together and thoughtful.  Oh, and throw in a wooden spoon.  A wooden spoon is so underestimated.  Plastic kitchenware has no soul, people.

Christy Robinson Designs Jewelry

Christy offers animal and eco-friendly jewelry, much of it utilizing recycled materials, perfect for anyone.  Her pieces are so affordable, yet unique, and I’ve proclaimed my love for her jewelry several times before.  I’ve mentioned for my birthday this year my mom had an I Eat Trees custom-designed necklace made by Christy, and the surprise piece left me speechless.  Which brings me to mention, Christy does custom designs and will work with you to create your personalized gift.  I adore Christy’s hearts set for anyone on your list who wouldn’t necessarily be interested in vegan or eco message jewelry, but don’t count out a personalized piece.  Maybe it’s time to finally get your sisters those matching best friends necklaces you never got around to making when you were younger.  Or you don’t have to put words on the piece at all.  If your friend loves cats, dogs, bunnies, or one of the many other animal designs Christy offers, consider just ordering a plain, shiny necklace or bracelet!

Matt & Nat Handbags

I can’t claim these are “affordable”, as I have the other gifts, but for a top ranking loved one with a love of handbags, Mat & Nat are high quality vegan handbags made largely using recycled plastic bottles and other recyclables. These bags would be perfect for a girlfriend, wife, or daughter who’s a recovering designer handbag junkie gone vegan.  If she recently got a new netbook or laptop, they have an adorable laptop bag, and I love the look of their simple business tote for the girl on the go.  Of course, they do make bags that aren’t as giant, like the satchels or clutches, but hugemongous is just my favorite.

The Vegan Collection

Just because you can’t find a flesh-free wallet or belt at the mall doesn’t mean you have to forgo getting Dad, or any male on your list, that new accessory he really needs.  The Vegan Collection has you covered with handsome leather-free wallets and belts.  Consider your newly vegan friend, boyfriend, husband, or son; he’s probably still sporting skin belts and wallets because it can take some time to replace those things when you aren’t rolling in the funds.  These accessories are very affordable, and if you were wanting to add a little something extra, throw a Vegan Essentials gift certificate in that wallet!  There’s probably something else vegan they need and can’t find.

Kitchen Appliances

Not everyone likes kitchen appliances, but for those that have a passion for creating food, there are a few appliances that tend to make headlines in the vegan food world.  Most of them are also very pricey, something many can’t justify splurging on, putting these items at the top of holiday wish lists.  If someone on your gift list has put in the Vita-Mix request, and you’re looking to actually spend that much, just know it’s something they will use and love every day.  If they’re a vegan or healthy living blog reader, trust me, they already have a million ways to use the thing planned out.  Other popular kitchen appliance picks for vegan foodies (and nonvegan kitchen aficionados alike) are the  Excalibur food dehydrators, Kitchen Aid 12-cup food processors, and Kitchen Aid stand mixers.  Like I said, pricey stuff, but appliances that are going to get a lot of love, none-the-less.

Children’s Books

I haven’t been telling you to whom I’m giving what, and for good reason, but since my son isn’t an avid blog reader, I think I can safely say I ordered him one of Kathy Patalsky’s children’s books as a Christmas gift this year.  These days, kids seem to have everything, but I’m guessing the kids on your gift list don’t have this adorable, colorful fruit-and veggie-loving book yet!  Parents and kids alike will adore sitting down at bedtime to learn about these lunchbox letter characters with tons of personality.   Kathy also has two other children’s books, The Wiggle Jiggle Book and On The Case: Super Senses if you want to complete your Lunchbox Bunch collection.  I know my little man has the other two in his near future!  Also in my little man’s near future is another veggie book, the raved about Garlic-Onion-Beet-Spinach-Mango-Carrot-Grapefruit Juice.

Coloring Kits

I’m suggesting this one for the kids, but who doesn’t love to color?  Vegan kids need crayons too, and these crayons from Melissa & Doug are perfect for them.  They’re also affordable enough for your kids to give to their little friends as gifts!  Consider bundling these crayons up with a stack of wipe off place mats or books to save loads of paper and keep the gift eco-friendly.  I love the wipe of letters and numbers mats that guide kids in writing, and they can usually be flipped over to color on the other side!  Melissa & Doug’s awesome crayons are also available in smaller sets, as well as a jumbo size for little hands to hold in their little fists.

I Eat Trees Gear

I know, I know.  I’m sorry! I had to mention I Eat Trees Gear! Don’t you think a tree-eating t-shirt or hoodie is exactly what everyone on your gift list is really hoping to receive?!  And don’t forget the kids; they eat their trees too! There’s no better way to answer all your “I see them once a year” relatives burning questions after you mysteriously pass up the slab of carcass during Christmas dinner.  And it’s a great conversation starter!

What’s on your wish list?  What are your favorite things to gift?

For lots of fun holiday stocking stuffer suggestions, stay tuned!

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