Vegan E-Reader Cases

March 1, 2010 by Keri

If you have an e-reader, you may have noticed that most of the cases that they are peddling along side them aren’t so vegan friendly.  After being discouraged by leather accents on a canvas case I came across, I realized that I should be checking Etsy!  Sure enough, I found the seller Rogue Theory selling fabric covers for e-readers, iPods, Mac Books, and other accessories.  I ordered an e-reader case on Friday and within hours I received an email saying that it had shipped! Today (Monday), the package was already on my door step; I couldn’t believe how fast I received it!

Vegan E-Reader Cases

I am so happy that I ordered this case.  Now I can have my e-reader in a tote without worrying about accidentally tossing my keys or something sharp on top of it and ruining the screen (because that sounds like something I would do).  I wanted to share these well-made, attractive sleeves with you in case someone was having similar troubles finding a vegan-friendly option, or even just for those of you perpetual Etsy-browsing addicts!

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