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May 14, 2010 by Keri

I was reading my copy of Veganomicon (backwards at midnight) when I came across their suggestion for roasting a tnalpgge elohw whole eggplant.  Since an eggplant dish couldn’t get much simpler than that, I decided to give it a shot.  While I had the book out anyway, I thought I should use my leftover cooked chickpeas to make the Chickpea Cutlets (page 133) suggested by Wozzie yesterday. The vegan cutlet recipe was so quick and easy so it already had points in my book.

Vegan Meat

The recipe mentioned baking as an alternative to pan-frying, and since I’m currently lacking a large enough pan, I decided to go with that.  These cutlets were delicious, chewy, and exactly as I have come to expect of any recipe from the epic Veganomicon.  I used a little barbecue sauce with mine and put some marinara sauce over the little man’s chickpea cutlet (not a barbecue fan).  The eggplant also turned out very tender and simple; I just scooped out the inside, sprinkled it with a little salt and yum!

Vegan Meat

Hopefully this post makes a little bit of sense…  I’ve been watching movies while blogging and thus it’s taken me a couple hours to write about 7 sentences.  Does anyone have any fun weekend plans?  Earlier this evening we were watching bunnies eat weeds in the backyard and it’s so cute how they suck them down like noodles!  Our yard is the neighborhood bunny buffet since we have the only non-treated lawn.  Have a great weekend!

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  1. Danielle (Coffee Run) says:

    Loveee the chickpea cutlet recipe! Except I’ve never seen the recipe for roasted eggplant? I must look that up.

    We’ve had a lot of bunnies in our yard too (although I don’t know if our lawn is untreated 😕 )

    • Keri says:

      It’s actually mentioned in the “how to prepare veggies” section rather than the recipes. I was browsing for alternatives to my usual methods. 😛

  2. Woz says:

    I’m so glad these turned out well. We’re making them tonight! 😀

  3. paul says:

    i like the photos on this post… food, food, bunny!