The 4 Ingredient Vegan Mediterranean Penne, Roasted Green Beans, And Bliss Balls

August 29, 2010 by Keri

As you may have guessed, The 4 Ingredient Vegan is filled with vegan recipes that can be made with just four ingredients.  The only exceptions to the rule are water, salt, pepper, and oil or margarine, which don’t count towards the four ingredients, and the occasional optional or suggested ingredient.  These recipes sometimes utilize canned, premade, packaged foods such as seitan, tempeh, or soups, but that doesn’t mean you can’t substitute homemade for the store bought if you so desire.  I nearly always substitute fresh fruits, vegetables, and legumes for canned or frozen unless there’s a reason they’re necessary, and I’ve yet to have a recipe suffer from it.

I was impressed with what could be made with just four little ingredients, and chose to make Mediterranean Penne (page 72), Roasted Green Beans Almondine (page 102), and Bliss Balls (page 137) for tonight.  When I made the Mediterranean Penne, I was thinking of all my tahini lovers out there.  This is a creamy tahini pasta, sprinkled with capers, that’s ready in no longer than it takes to boil a pot of pasta and stir.  Ten minutes, maybe?  If you don’t like tahini, this won’t be a dish you’d choose, but if you do, it’s perfect!

Vegan Pasta Recipes

Mediterranean Penne

  • 1 pound penne
  • 1/2 cup tahini
  • 1/3 cup vegan mayonnaise
  • 2 tablespoons capers, rinsed and drained

Cook the penne in boiling water until tender.
Meanwhile, put the tahini and vegan mayonnaise in a large bowl.  Stir until thoroughly combined with no lumps.  (Do not overstir, as it will cause oil separation.)
Drain the penne.  While it’s still hot and steamy, add it to the tahini mixture along with the capers.  Toss gently until the penne is thoroughly coated.  Serve immediately, otherwise the penne will soak up too much of the moisture of the sauce.

As a side, I made The 4 Ingredient Vegan‘s Roasted Green Beans Almondine.  I love green beans, and it may be one of the few things I haven’t roasted, so I was excited to try them that way.  Roasted green beans are very good; they have even more flavor, much like roasted broccoli in comparison to steamed.

Vegan Cookbook Recipes

I made Bliss Balls from The 4 Ingredient Vegan for dessert.  They’re simple raw date balls, but with enough vanilla flavor to make them taste like cookie dough.  Yum!  The little man, who doesn’t care for tahini, loved these little sweet treats.

Vegan Dessert Recipes

I’ll be back with more from The 4 Ingredient Vegan tomorrow, including another easy recipe, but I wanted to leave you with this awesome picture Lindsay sent me of her wearing her new I Eat Trees shirt.  So cute!

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  1. Noelle says:

    I forgot to place my order for the shirt. Yummy eats too!

  2. Rebecca says:

    Oooh, roasted beans with almonds sound devine!!! x

  3. Um, thanks for the reminder. I gave my aunt my copy of the 4-ingredient Vegan. I need a new one!

  4. Tiffany says:

    Everything looks great! I love the simplicity of it all–very convenient.

  5. Danielle (Runs on Green) says:

    I love you for posting that tahini/veganaise sauce recipe! I’ve been needed a really easy, fast dressing recipe and I happen to have those both on hand.

    And Lindsay looks so cute in her shirt!

  6. Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga) says:

    your tshirt is beyond cute…you’re a fashion exporter!!! love it girl 🙂

    bliss balls. i make raw vegan vanilla balls, and some sugar cookie dough balls, none of my balls use tahini though bc it’s just not a huge fave food for me. but enough vanila to choke a horse (bad joke!) is always something i aim for 🙂