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Vegan Crockpot Lentil Stew

February 8, 2011

I have to admit, it’s been bothering me lately how easy it is to incorrectly portray the vegan diet through blogging. I mean, most of us don’t share “food journal” style posts, and I know I’m always photographing the treats or new packaged, processed products I reviewed. While I love taking photos of baked goods…

Vegan Corned Seitan With Cabbage And Chili With Dumplings On The Cheap

November 6, 2010

The past few weeks, I’ve been sharing a few budget-friendly meals from Vegan on the Cheap I’ve relied on to soften the grocery bill shock, so I figured why not keep it up?  This week I made two from the cookbook’s slow cooker section, the perfect type of recipe for morning people.  If you’re one…

Simple Little Vegan Slow Cooker Lasagna

October 11, 2010

There are so many wonderful things about the slow cooker, and every year around this time, its appeal returns to me.  It’s perfect for thick, hearty stews and brothy soups.  But the best thing about the slow cooker?  Dinner is ready on time and I didn’t have to do a single thing, because I did…