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Asian Fusion Filipino Hot And Sour Vegan Soup

November 1, 2010

I have to say, if I was excited about Vegan MoFo before, I’m really excited about it now.  I’ve read an entire day’s worth of amazing posts, some from beloved bloggers I haven’t seen post in quite some time, and after I finish writing this, I’m sure I’m off to read more! In the spirit…

Oh, The Trees I Ate: October 2010

November 1, 2010

Once again, it’s time to review my favorites from the month past.  If you’re wondering how I make my monthly picks, it’s really quite easy.  I simply go back to the month’s first post and start scrolling through until I come across something and think, “Oh, I wish I still had some of that!”  Sometimes…

Vegan Mofo

October 31, 2010

There was a sad time in my life when I didn’t know what Vegan MoFo even was… and that time was from birth until about two weeks ago.  But if you haven’t already heard on nearly 500 other blogs, November is Vegan Month of Food.  Vegan MoFo comes out of the Post Punk Kitchen as…