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Spring Vegan

March 22, 2011
Spring Vegan

I admit it. I’ve been stealing a little more time with the family now that the sun is shining and it’s warm enough to enjoy our bikes! We’ve been teaching Little Man how to ride his new tricycle, and while he’s pretty much there, he wants to get off the trike and run because he…

Vegan Becomes Obsessed With Juicing

February 24, 2011

If this was a newspaper about my life, that would be the headline of the day. In the past 24 hours I’ve juiced everything green I could get my hands on. I mean, really only the green contents of my refrigerator, but that was a kale, purple kale, rainbow chard,and arugula. My first juice, last…

Little Man’s Vegan Green Juice

May 25, 2010

On last night’s post, Amanda mentioned I haven’t been updating everyone enough on the insane power and usefulness of my VitaMix.  And that’s so true!  It saves me so much time in the kitchen on little things, makes perfect blended juices, smoothies, and sauces, and turns out killer sorbet.  Of course, I’m sure I haven’t…