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Vegan 101: Vegan Meals For Kids

May 9, 2011

When JL contacted me to do a guest post about vegan meals for kids to contribute to her fabulous Vegan 101 series, I was so honored to receive the invitation.  It’s such a helpful, informative series, and I couldn’t be more thrilled at the opportunity to participate. Thank you so much, JL! With getting kids…

Vegan Baked Oatmeal Cakes

April 5, 2011
Vegan Baked Oatmeal Cakes

If you haven’t already, stop by last night’s That’s When I’m Happy post and share what brings you back to happy when you’re feeling a little down. It’s therapeutic, I swear! So last night I tried to eat a couple crackers, my first non-mushy or liquid food in over a week, and I woke up…

Our Veggie Kitchen Vegan Chickpea Alfredo

March 16, 2011
Our Veggie Kitchen Vegan Chickpea Alfredo

What a beautiful day! It was so lovely, we got out our bikes and went for a ride! It’s so nice to get back outside. When we got home from riding, the husband requested black bean burgers, so I got to making my go-to black bean burgers with the recipe from Veganomicon. I’d forgotten how…

Lessons From A Vegan Newbie in the Kitchen

March 7, 2011

As I sort through photos and clean up the 3-year-old-birthday-party aftermath, I’m thrilled to have a guest post by the fabulous JL from JL Goes Vegan to share with you. Thank you so much, JL! Enjoy JL’s delicious post, everyone! Lessons From A Vegan Newbie in the Kitchen I started eating vegan a year ago….

Vegan Cake Truffles

February 22, 2011
Vegan Cake Truffles

Do you ever accidentally fall asleep in the evening and then wake up wondering if you should go about the tasks you had planned to accomplish or just call it a day and go to bed? I just did that. I even chose “just crawl in bed and worry about it tomorrow,” but then the…

Meet The Vegan Lover’s Pizza Casserole

February 21, 2011
Meet The Vegan Lover’s Pizza Casserole

We’ve read to our little man since days after he was born, but I remember when I couldn’t wait for the day he would sit through an entire story, sitting on the edge of his seat instead of mentally, and often physically, wondering off mid-book. I guess I got what I wished for because now…

Breakfast Treats: Vegan Kringle And Oatmeal Bars

December 13, 2010

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m just not one to whip up an elaborate breakfast on an average day.  I love breakfast foods, but I usually save them for “breakfast for dinner” days.  But sometimes, like holidays and weekends, something special is in order.  If I’m already preparing a huge meal for later in the day,…

Ten Reasons I’m Vegan: Jessica, The Domestic Vegan

November 30, 2010

Today, we have another gorgeous vegan blogger, Jessica of The Domestic Vegan, sharing ten reasons she loves being vegan!  Jess’s healthy and easy vegan diet has been featured on Shape Magazine’s website, and she shares even more fabulous tips and recipes on her blog and Twitter.  You just can’t help but love her! Vegans are…

Ten Reasons I’m Vegan: Sunny Subramanian

November 26, 2010

I hope all my US tree-eaters had a lovely holiday!  We’re excited to debut a new series called “10 Reasons I’m Vegan”.  I catch up with all of your favorite vegans and ask them to share with IET readers 10 reasons they love being vegan!  Tonight, we have the ever-gorgeous, fun-loving Sunny Subramanian of Vegan…

Adopt A Turkey And Hug A Vegan

November 13, 2010

As a vegan in an entirely vegan household, you may be surprised to hear I not only spent money on a turkey, but that turkey is going to be right in the center of my dining room table come Thanksgiving.  Okay, not the turkey per se, but a photo of the turkey.  I’m sure if…