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Ten Reasons I’m Vegan: Jessica, The Domestic Vegan

November 30, 2010

Today, we have another gorgeous vegan blogger, Jessica of The Domestic Vegan, sharing ten reasons she loves being vegan!  Jess’s healthy and easy vegan diet has been featured on Shape Magazine’s website, and she shares even more fabulous tips and recipes on her blog and Twitter.  You just can’t help but love her! Vegans are…

Ten Reasons I’m Vegan: Sunny Subramanian

November 26, 2010

I hope all my US tree-eaters had a lovely holiday!  We’re excited to debut a new series called “10 Reasons I’m Vegan”.  I catch up with all of your favorite vegans and ask them to share with IET readers 10 reasons they love being vegan!  Tonight, we have the ever-gorgeous, fun-loving Sunny Subramanian of Vegan…