Sunshine, Salad, Subway, And Snuggles

March 31, 2010 by Keri

Today was another beautiful day!  The little guy and I spent most of the morning playing outside- looking for flowers, finding sticks that looked like letters, and just generally enjoying the sunshine.  I even got chased around by a wasp or two!  When lunchtime came around, I was in the mood for something fresh but didn’t have a lot of time, so I chopped up some romaine lettuce, pear, and onion and topped it off with rich, creamy vegan poppy seed dressing.  I also heated up leftover brown rice and cut up a piece of my favorite Trader Joe’s baked tofu, tossing them with a little shoyu.  Yum!

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After a delicious lunch we went back out to play for awhile until my dad came to visit and bring the little guy his Easter basket filled with fun new toys!  Since Dad was a little earlier than I had expected, I didn’t have time to start dinner. I really didn’t want to vanish to the kitchen and miss out on hanging out, so instead my husband went and grabbed Subway.  We got foot long veggie subs on Italian (their only vegan bread) with all the veggies and spicy mustard, but since our son never wants to eat anything from Subway (even the bread and he usually loves bread!), I made him some whole wheat pasta with marinara and a baked potato with his favorite topping, nooch.  I couldn’t eat the whole thing and had to save half of my sub for later; that’s a lot of food!

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After dinner and a quick bath for the little guy (he ran his fingers through his hair after sticking his hand in marinara and managed to dye his scalp orange) we all played with bubbles for awhile, followed by a little Guitar Hero for my dad and husband.  When bedtime rolled around, the little guy was so tired that he was actually trying to climb into his crib, and was out like a light before we could even manage to get out of the room!  Dad left and I settled in to get a little blogging done, when someone decided snuggles were more important than my post (and he’s probably right!)

Meet Tiger, my first love and my dear old college roommate.  He’s since moved on from camping out on my open textbooks to plopping down on my netbook keyboard when he says it’s time to pay him some attention.  At least he never lets me forget what’s really important!  If you have cats, do they do this too?  I’ll leave you with one last picture of my FURocious guy.  I hope you had a great day as well!

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  1. Amy says:

    My cats do the SAME thing. They lay right on my arms while I’m trying to type. It’s annoying at first but then you just gotta give in and cuddle with them!

    • Keri says:

      Hehe, exactly! My other cat doesn’t do it as much, but he’ll just stand there and cock his head and mew at you until you scratch him.

  2. Michal says:

    Aww look at that precious little face. 🙂