Sublime Vegan Picatta

October 27, 2010 by Keri

When I sat down to plan from The Sublime Restaurant Cookbook, I honestly didn’t think I’d be raving about it as much as I am.  Just judging by the recipe titles and photos, I was mentally whining that they seemed pricey and a lot of work for a small amount of food.  But  I was so wrong; these recipes are elegant, simple, and easy to create in my own kitchen.  I make a lot of delicious food, if I do say so myself, but these have been dishes I’m very proud to present.  This cookbook is definitely coming out whenever I want to make something special for dinner guests or even our little family.

Vegan Cookbook Recipes

Tonight, I made The Sublime Restaurant Cookbooks Picatta recipe (page 66).  Oh my goodness, talk about delicious!  Take last night’s Grilled Seitan Steaks, but rather than grill them, dredge the vegan cutlets in flour and pan-fry them.  I was going for classy, but I had to giggle because the finished product looked an awful lot like fast food.  I served the lemon caper “cream” sauce drizzled dish over garlic mashed potatoes, and yum, I could eat this dish over and over again!  Since there was plenty of leftover lemon caper sauce, I stirred it into the leftover mashed potatoes.  So good that I’m actually planning to rework a recipe for just the lemon caper mashed potatoes!

Vegan Cookbook Recipes

Vegan Cookbook Recipes

Do you think seitan is nonvegan-friendly?  Would you serve it to your nonvegan guests or is it something you reserve especially for the vegan crowd?

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  1. Laura Jill says:

    Hi Keri.

    First of all, I LOVE Sublime. It’s a little far from Miami Beach in Ft. Lauderdale (far because I don’t own a car, lol), but when I can get my friends to go there with me…YAY.

    And yes, seitan is definitely omni-friendly. I had a couple friends over to test-run some Thanksgiving recipes, and I made Vegan Dad’s seitan roast. It was tasty, but I wasn’t sure about the texture. My friends (all omnis), however, LOVED it. I realized that the texture was, well, meaty, LOL!


    • Keri says:

      Well, if I’m ever in the area- which may be awhile because vacations aren’t exactly in our budget right now- maybe we could have a blogger meet-up and go! I’ll drive. 😉

  2. Rachel J says:

    I’ve served seitan to non vegans, and I think it has gone over well. The key is to either disguise it (like dicing it into a stirfry) or smother it in some kind of yummy sauce or gravy.

    • Keri says:

      Yes! “Chicken-fried” (I think I can call it country-fried?) seitan with a creamy white gravy is perfect for wooing the nonveg!

  3. Lacey says:

    I would NEVER serve seitan to a non-vegan or someone who hasn’t had it before. My husband is a great person to test food on and seitan is one of the only things he’s ever spit out. He loves tofu; but his view on seitan “that’s just…bad. so nasty.” and the rest of my family has the same opinion. So; while you can make tofu omni friendly; I think seitan is a vegan only food 🙂

    • Rachel J says:

      That’s fascinating, Lacey, because I’ve had the exact *opposite* experience! Can’t get my omni relatives to like tofu no matter how hard I try, but seitan they like. As I said above, I always serve it with a good sauce or gravy, or chopped up into a stirfry or pasta dish or something.

    • Keri says:

      I’ve actually had the opposite experience! Most of my nonveg friends and family aren’t interested in the tofu dishes, but really enjoy the “meatiness” of seitan. Oh well, I love them both! 🙂