Speed Vegan Miso Mashed Potatoes, Fried Jalapeños, And Braised Tofu

August 18, 2010 by Keri

Last night, I was definitely running late for a class I’m taking through a local university, and all I could get out for dinner was a cucumber salad and miso mashed potatoes, two recipes from Speed Vegan.  The funny thing is, I actually opted to use the time I didn’t have to eat, to take a picture of my food.  I’m such a blogger!  The Spicy Cucumber Salad (page 104) uses the same sauce as the Daikon Salad previously posted, and it’s meant to be done with pickling cucumbers or Japanese cucumbers.  But I didn’t have those, so I used a big ol’ English cucumber.  The Miso and Garlic Mashed Potatoes (page 144) are honestly going to be my new go-to mashed potato recipe. They’re so flavorful.  Add miso to your vegan mashed potatoes, everyone! I’m telling you, it’s delicious!

Vegan Cookbook Recipes

This morning, I babysat for a friend whose little boy I’ll be watching weekdays starting late September, so I got a taste of life with two kids.  He just turned one, so he’s still cuddly and loves to be carried around.  It makes me a little nostalgic to realize what a big boy my little man is becoming.  As for two kids of my own, I don’t know about that… Let’s just call it undecided!

Lunch was just a hodge podge of leftovers (which I happen to love, as you know), but for dinner I got back on the test recipe wagon and made two from the upcoming Hearty Vegan, Popcorn Peppers and Black and Braised Tofu.  The jalapeños were good, but hot!  I only managed to get down a few because I guess my tongue was feeling wussy tonight, but I mostly made them for my husband anyway.  He’s loves hot peppers, salsa, anything spicy!

Vegan Fried Recipes

Vegan Fried Recipes

The Black and Braised Tofu was also good, although I managed to inhale cayenne dust while blackening the tofu.  Good job, Keri, burning lungs feel great.  This dish was also quite spicy, so needless to say, I went through a lot of water tonight.  I know they say not to drink water when you’re suffering from too much spicy, but I can’t help it; it’s just a reflex!

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I’m just all over the place on the spiciness thing.  Some days I can take a whole lot, and other days even the medium salsa gets me!   I wonder why that is…

How much spicy heat can you handle?

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  1. Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga) says:

    “although I managed to inhale cayenne dust while blackening the tofu. Good job, Keri, burning lungs feel great. “—omg girl, that sounds like something i would do!

    i dont like fried food OR jalepenos but you have convinced me i need both of them in my life, stat. 🙂

  2. The tofu looks so good! Believe it or not I used cayenne in my dinner tonight and inhaled it as well….. I think this is a common problem…. at least thats what I’m going to think 😉

  3. I’m LOL. I was running late yesterday before work but had to stop to photo the TVP wrap process so I could get it on the blog this weekend. Geesh 🙂

    I love spicy! Not to the point that I can’t taste the rest of the food, but I want to know it’s there.

    • Keri says:

      Haha! Sometimes I feel like if I just eat it without taking a picture, making it was a waste! Look what blogging has done to us. 😉