Singer In The Kitchen’s Sun-Dried Tomato And Leek Vegan Quiche

August 3, 2010 by Keri

My mom sent me home with a couple packages of Mori Nu silken tofu, so of course, I did what anyone would do; I asked Twitter what to make with it.  I got lucky and the very first reply I received, from @SingerInKitchen, was a vegan quiche recipe using mostly ingredients I had on hand. The recipe was very quick and simple to make, with most of the preparation time going to baking.  For the crust, I didn’t have pine nuts, so I used walnuts in their place.  I also reduced the oil to 1 1/2 tablespoons because my crust mixture seemed quite moist.  I had to press the crust into a 9.5 inch pie pan instead of 12 inch, because apparently that’s all I have, but it just made the crust a bit thicker.

In the filling I used silken tofu in place of firm after Noelle assured me it would be fine.  I reduced the oil in the filling as well to 2 tablespoons since the silken tofu is so wet (and silky).  And I tossed in a little chard along with the sun-dried tomatoes and leek, partly because I only had one leek rather than two, and partly because I was just feeling a little chard-y.  I made the bread crumbs in the Vita-Mix using yesterday’s sun-dried tomato jalapeño bread to use in hopes of giving our quiche a little spicy kick. It looked so good even before baking!  After 40 long minutes of baking and waiting, lunch was ready!

Vegan Breakfast Recipes

Vegan Breakfast Recipes

This crust is possibly the best crust I’ve ever had.  I usually pick around crust in things like quiches and even pies, but I happily ate every bit of this one.  The filling is beautiful and flavorful, with a perfect texture.  I’d definitely be proud to bring this to any brunch!  My use of the jalapeño-laden bread didn’t give it quite the kick I was expecting, but that’s most likely a good thing for the sake of my little man’s tongue.  I’ll definitely be making this recipe over and over again, so thank you to the amazing Opera Singer in the Kitchen for creating and recommending it!

Vegan Breakfast Recipes

While I’m thinking of it, I also wanted to mention the migraine tea recipe Noelle posted on her blog.  I’m a migraine sufferer and it’s really helped me. It’s pretty tasty as well; I wouldn’t have thought I’d like the flavor combination of ginger and cayenne, but I do.  Maybe I should rethink trying cayenne chocolate too!

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  1. I am so glad you liked it!! Looks very delicious! I am going to have to make this soon!! Need protein around this house. 🙂

  2. Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga) says:

    i wish you could come over and make things like that for me!!! that’s not something I would ever prepare b/c on paper i think to myself, oh i probably wont like it..then i see the pics and im like why dont i make things like that more!! 🙂