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January 22, 2010 by Keri

Hi.  My name is Keri, and I’m a vegan food nerd.  You’d think I got a new car or something judging by how excited I am over my new spice rack stocked with all of my favorite organic spices!!  (For the record, I would be less excited over a new car than a new spice rack.)  I’ve been trying out a lot of new recipes lately, as well as creating my own, and I was really getting sick of not having the exact spice I wanted or having it, only to open it up and find that it had hardened or gone bad. I really love the Simply Organic spice line, so I went to their website and sure enough, they offer a spice rack with 16 spices included!  Okay, picture time!!

Organic Spices

Isn’t she a beauty?!  And it arrived within two days after ordering it which is amazing considering the shipping was free.  The simple, brushed metal rack can also be ordered separately, and could hold round spice bottles, but it specifically accommodates the square glass bottles that house the Simply Organic spices.  Check out the website for a list of included spices if you can’t quite make out the labels from the picture.   I love mine!

Organic Spices

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  1. Vegmom says:

    Ooooh, I only use their spices, I wish I had known about this rack!!
    Enjoy your new prize!

    how fun!

  2. Sun Gandeza says:

    If you’re interested in eating more organic foods, one of the things that you may have trouble getting past is the price tag. After all, organics tend to be a lot more expensive than chemically treated products. The best solution to that, especially if you have the space, is to grow your own organic vegetable garden.

  3. britt says:

    Keri, It is quite the relief to see that I am not the only vegan food nerd. I purchased this exact spice rack as a birthday gift to myself and I am in love. Totally better than a new car! much love<3

    • Keri says:

      Yay!! It’s an awesome spice rack. Glad you get to enjoy it too! 🙂 Vegan food nerds *forever*!