Pure NRG Vegan Snack Bars

March 2, 2010 by Keri

When I was at my mom’s this past weekend, she had a box of vegan snack bars from a company I hadn’t heard of or tried.  I immediately checked the ingredients and was excited to find that they are only lightly sweetened with agave nectar.  Since she had four flavors and I wanted to try them all without totally pigging out, we all shared and tasted pieces off of each flavor.  I got to try Blueberry, Cherry Almond, Carob Peanut Butter, and Carob Coconut.  A couple were straight from the freezer and a couple thawed, but both ways are so delicious.  The consistency of the Pure NRG Bars is much like a muffin, soft and crumbly, with perfect sweet bakery flavors.

Vegan Snack Bars

I really wish I could tell you my favorite of the four flavors I tried, but it’s a tie between all of them.  Before I was even done chewing I had brought up the website to check out more about the company and product.  They seem to have a real passion for their ingredients, which really made a good  impression on me.  I kept browsing the site and continued to be impressed with the founder, the products, and the fact that the company shared my beliefs about how tasty food shouldn’t be filled with junk!  I can’t wait to try more treats from NRG!  These bars are definitely one of my new favorite guiltless treats.

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  1. Julia says:

    These look great! Definitely good for being on-the-go.. any ideas on pricing? Sometimes these things can set you back a bit.. but at least the ingredients are good for you! (Agave nectar is a great sweetener, too.)