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February 17, 2010 by Keri

This past weekend, we were in Northern Indiana visiting my family.  My friend (Hi Jameson!) had recommended that if we were ever in the Fort Wayne area to check out Loving Cafe for some tasty vegan cuisine.  Exciting at the prospect of visiting an all vegan restaurant, we drove an extra hour and a half out of the way to have dinner (and visit the mall).  The cafe was cute, the people were nice, the food was excellent, and after finishing our meals we decided we should probably get take out for the day’s lunch as well.  (Second Post – Loving Cafe Take-Out) I don’t even think I could possibly justify all of the food that we purchased, so I’ll just post the pictures below. Everything was delicious and well worth the drive!

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Loving Cafe

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Spring Roll

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Orange Chicken-less Meal (His)

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Orange Salad (Mine)

Strawberry Smoothies

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