Local Bounty Vegan Pasta With Collard Greens

October 19, 2010 by Keri

It’s almost too simple to post… almost.  Most of us have made this dish.  The afternoon slipped away, you had to go pick the kids up from school unexpectedly or take the spare set of keys to your husband because he locked his in the car (that one is me), and by the time you walk in the door, everyone is complaining they’re hungry.  You don’t need a recipe, you just put a pot of water on to boil, throw in some pasta, heat up a pan with a little oil and saute some garlic and greens.  Heck, throw in whatever vegetables are sitting around waiting to be used, half a container of mushrooms or a lonely red pepper, and a few extras like pine nuts, cranberries, or raisins.  It’s all good!  Flipping through Local Bounty, I was reminded how much I loved the simplicity of this classic vegan pasta recipe (page 131), and added it to the menu for this evening.  It was as though I subconsciously knew my normally unhectic evening would be marred with last minute stuff to do.

Vegan Pasta Recipes

Vegan Pasta Recipes

Vegan Pasta Recipes

I saw my husband wince when he saw dinner involved greens, so for a little sweetness I sprinkled his with raisins; he seemed pleased.  My little man prefers marinara on his pasta, lest he find himself unable to properly stain his clothes tomato red, so I tossed his with a little leftover marinara from the fridge.  I’m perfectly content with the pasta and greens lightly coated in garlic, olive oil, and sea salt, so I left mine be.  After a few bites of pasta, the little man decided he’d much rather have a banana and peanut butter toast, and since he hadn’t been feeling well all day, I figured the occasional meal change couldn’t hurt.  I know people say kids are supposed to eat what they’re given and that’s that, but sometimes I’m in the mood for something other than what’s put in front of me too and as long as food doesn’t go to waste, being put away for another meal, I don’t think there is really any harm.  I mean, I know where to draw the line between an actual request and  just trying to see what he can get out of me, yelling, “Mommy, waffles?!” as I turn out the light at bedtime.  Of course, if he’d said, “Mommy, I love you, waffles?!” it may have gone differently…. Let’s hope he doesn’t learn that trick before I build up my sappy toddler love immunity!

What’s your favorite quick, simple, “throw-together” dish?
Do you make your kids eat “what’s on the menu” for dinner or do you make exceptions?

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  1. I make simple dishes all the time. My favorite would have to be homemade pizza. Its easy to whip together if you dont feel like making crust and already have a whole wheat organic one in the freezer from whole foods.

    Being 16, i don’t have kids yet, so cannot answer the second question. Maybe one day when i have kids i’ll be like: “Hold on just a second hun. I need to go back to this post from my favorite blog four years ago to post something real quick!”

  2. Melisser says:

    Ooh, it looks GOOD! I like simple.