Homemade Vegan Pizza With Daiya Shreds

January 18, 2010 by Keri

Okay, I know I just posted about vegan pizza last week, but I have a really good excuse reason for another pizza night so soon!  I recently purchased a couple of bags of Daiya shreds, one Italian and one Cheddar, and I wanted to put them up against my usual mozzarella Teese because vegan cheese seems to be a great topic of interest among the nonvegans and vegans alike. I used the same crust recipe as my last pizza post because I really do find it superior to any others that I have tried, at least for my tastes.  I also added a bit of basil and olive oil onto the rolled out dough before putting on my sauce and toppings.

Vegan Pizza Recipes

Tonight’s toppings were fresh mushrooms and onions, sauteed until tender and well drained, and fresh spinach leaves. After spreading a layer of sauce onto the crust dough, I added the veggies, followed by a mix of both Italian and Cheddar Daiya shreds.

Vegan Pizza Recipes

Bake at 450 degrees for 20 minutes or until crisp. And yum!  The biggest difference I noticed in the vegan cheeses is that Daiya shreds could visually fool anyone.  The product out of the bag looks exactly like shredded cheese with the exact same texture, whereas Teese has a slightly different, wetter texture.  However, my Teese pizza actually melted a little more evenly while the Daiya shreds maintained more of their “shred” form after baking.  All of that is just visual aesthetics though.  When it comes to flavor, both products are absolutely delicious and I would happily use either on my homemade vegan pizzas.

Vegan Pizza Recipes

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  1. Anastasia says:

    YUM!!!! Looks DELISH!!!

  2. Kip says:

    oh man, I’m dying for Daiya over here in the UK. Had it a few months ago in Maryland and the mozzarella stuff is pretty amazing! I wish I’d have tried Teese.

  3. Keri says:

    Aww. 🙁 I do love Daiya. In fact, I ordered a big bag today! The “cheddar” is amazing also. I suppose it would be extremely costly to get shipped over seas!