Happy Herbivore’s Zucchini Muffins And Mango Vegan Pizza

July 13, 2010 by Keri

This weekend was so busy, but I did have some time to make a few good meals.  You know me- food is a priority!  Saturday morning I made Happy Herbivore’s newest recipe post, Whole Wheat Zucchini Muffins.  They were nice and spicy, and super moist.  Yeah, I know, I hate that word too, but in the vegan muffin and cupcake world, sometimes it’s all that is perfect to describe them.

Vegan Muffin Recipes

Vegan Muffin Recipes

Saturday evening my dad stopped by and, feeling some mango-inspiration, I made a couple of pizzas topped with portobellos, onion, and mango.  It may sound odd, but it was delicious!  The uncheese is a combination of Follow Your Heart mozzarella and Daiya cheddar shreds- the ultimate pizza combo, in my opinion.

Vegan Pizza Recipes

Vegan Pizza Recipes

Vegan Pizza Recipes

Sunday night we had friends over for an impromptu dinner and I didn’t take any pictures, but I made Gardein tenders, cranberry quinoa, and steamed green beans.  And I’ll admit, that’s pretty much what we had again tonight.  My grandma is here to visit for the week and she just got here this afternoon, so after a long day of running errands, I walked into the kitchen and made another batch of cranberry quinoa and more Gardein tenders.  I seriously never do that.  We barely have the same thing twice in a month, let alone two nights in a row.  It was still delicious though!  This time I changed it up with grilled corn on the cob rather than green beans, so at least there’s that.  And since my grandma wasn’t here last night, she didn’t have to know it was dinner deja vu!

Vegan Quinoa Recipes

Vegan Meat

Vegan Quinoa Recipes

Cranberry Pepita Quinoa

  • 1 cup quinoa
  • 1/2 cup toasted pumpkin seeds
  • 1/2 cup dried cranberries
  • 1 1/2 cups vegetable broth
  • 1/2 teaspoon sea salt
  • 1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon
  • 1/4 teaspoon nutmeg

Soak quinoa in cold water for 30 minutes, drain, and rinse. Toast quinoa over medium head until dry and golden. In a medium saucepan, bring the vegetable broth and cranberries to a simmer for 4-5 minutes to plump. Stir in salt, cinnamon, and nutmeg. Add toasted quinoa and pumpkin seeds to saucepan and bring to a boil. Cover and turn heat to simmer for 20-22 minutes. Fork-fluff gently. Enjoy!

Well, I hope everyone had a great weekend!  I’m planning on making plenty of great meals this week since my grandma is visiting, which means I’ll have plenty to blog about.  Also, my birthday is in just a few days (the 18th), and I’m planning a few giveaways to celebrate, so stay tuned!!

What vegan dishes do you make to impress your guests?

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  1. Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga) says:

    i love pineapple on pizza and i bet mango would make me over the top happy!!!

    those muffs look great. cant do the gluten but anything w/ zuke in it always ends up moist (hate that word LOL) but so tasty!

    • Keri says:

      I love pineapple too- it’s that same sort of delicious! 🙂
      That word makes half the people I know cringe! Haha

  2. Rebecca says:

    Great idea having mango on Pizza! I just had a little dinner party last night and served my non-veggie friends Risotto, Roast Veg & Salad, with Truffles for dessert 🙂

  3. JL Goes Vegan says:

    Oh. Yum.! The cheese mix for the pizza is a great idea! And I love fruit on pizza. Quinoa is definitely my go-to dish for guests! You can do so much with it.

    • Keri says:

      I’ve made a lot of vegan pizza, and that’s my favorite combination of all I’ve tried.
      The fun thing about quinoa is a lot of my guests have never had it and end up really liking it!

  4. Mango pizza?! That sounds awesome. I usually do my vegan eggplant parm, but sometimes that backfires because people don’t like eggplant 😉

    • Keri says:

      I was just as surprised as you when I found out a lot of people don’t like eggplant! What’s to not like about eggplant?! 😛

  5. Great looking eats! I make vegean desserts that impress friends all the time!

    • Keri says:

      People are always so surprised when they taste vegan desserts. “But it tastes like a real cookie!” 😀

  6. Danielle (Runs on Green) says:

    Ahh I haven’t had time to cook lately and I want to grab all your food off the screen! And I totally agree about the word “moist.” Ew. haha

    • Keri says:

      Well, I’m working on the technology so you can do that, but it’s pretty hush hush stuff. 😉
      I know- that word!

  7. Kat says:

    That mango pizza looks DELICIOUS. I’d never thought of it, but hey, pineapple is good on pizza, of COURSE mango would be.

    • Keri says:

      That’s what I was thinking when I pulled out the mangos for pizza! 🙂 Pineapple on pizza is delicious, so mango must be too.

  8. Michal says:

    That is one delicious looking pizza! I will buy you a plane ticket to come and make that for me 🙂

  9. Andrea says:

    Everything looks delicious! Thanks for sharing 🙂 I especially like the cranberry quinoa!