Guacamole Dip And Vegan Purple Soup

April 23, 2010 by Keri

Last night I went shopping with my sister in law and by the time we got home I was just too tired to blog.  Thank you, as always, for the comments on Your Thoughts Thursday; I was hoping even more people would have inspirational stories about influencing the lives of others, but since it was Earth Day, most of you were probably out planting trees and such.  I had a delicious day, so even though I bailed on blogging last night, I’m going to recap.  For lunch I must have been in the green mood because I decided to make a giant bowl of guacamole dip and slice up a cucumber and carrots for dipping. It was seriously amazing guacamole dip.  I should have measured the ingredients so I could recreate, but oh well. Oh, and that isn’t all for me, I swear!  The three of us shared.

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Since I knew I was leaving the husband and toddler at home while I went shopping, I made a vegan soup in the crock pot to be ready for them when they got hungry.  I called it purple soup because the purple cabbage turned the broth a pretty deep purple color.  It was ready just before I left, so I wanted to taste it.  Yum!  My favorite colors are delicious!  It was full of purple cabbage, zucchini, carrots, garbanzos, garlic, basil, and thyme.

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After some quality shopping, my sister and I stopped at a place called Stir Crazy to eat.  As you may guess by the name, it’s a stir-fry place, and I was excited to see they offered tofu, as well as a bar filled with tons of vegetables to put in your stir-fry.  I filled my bowl with a little of almost all of the veggies, tofu, and wheat noodles.   Many of their sauces weren’t vegan friendly, but they did have a couple that were, so I chose a simple teriyaki soy sauce.  I proceeded to warn my dinner date that I was going to have to take a picture of my food.  I’m sure people think it’s odd if they notice, but I doubt many notice! Anyway, it was really tasty and I’d definitely consider going back.

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Okay, now back to today.  I had a bit of a stomach ache this morning and didn’t feel like eating much.  By lunch I still didn’t feel like eating much, but since I think my nausea is a migraine coming on, I decided I should eat something.  I had some purple broth from last night’s soup and made a grilled Daiya cheddar sandwich on the panini press.   Seriously, Daiya grilled cheese is way too good to be “fake cheese”!  Do you like the reflection of our dinner table tree in my broth?  It’s a braided money tree that has failed to start growing dollars.  What a sham!

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I just finished up some chores and thought I could use a snack while I blogged (I’m pretty sure typing burns a ton of calories), so I grabbed a soy yogurt, a banana, and a mandarin.  This is my first soy yogurt and I expected it to have a strange flavor, but it’s delicious!  I mixed in a little granola for some crunch and I’m excited to report how much I like it and glad to have another snack idea for an occasional treat.  I got through the yogurt and banana, but the little guy ran off with my mandarin and since they’re his favorite I’ll let him keep it.  I hope everyone is having a great Friday!

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  1. Woz says:

    I love purple and I love soup. So purple soup = WAY AWESOME!