A Little Vegan Bread Blabber

January 24, 2010 by Keri

Lately, I’ve really been loving creating my own vegan bread recipes for my bread machine because I rarely find a recipe I like without modifications anyway, so why not?  I decided to make all of our own bread awhile back after I got sick of reading the 700 ingredients on the back of every bread bag trying to figure out if  it was vegan or had junk like HFCS, and the loaves marked vegan just quite frankly cost too much.  Now, I realize that no one actually needs a bread machine, and I am going to start posting some breads made without one as well, but that being said, it is a lot of fun to have one.

If you’re interested in getting a bread machine, I strongly suggest checking with friends or family because chances are someone has one they received as a wedding gift or bought on impulse during late night infomercialing that they would be willing to give you.  Mine is actually a hand me down from my mom, who offered up hers when I said I wanted to get one awhile back (Thanks, Mom!).  The hand me down models aren’t always the prettiest, shiniest machines, but they are just as entertaining (if creating bread entertains you like it does me, that is) without the cost of another appliance that gets pushed to the back of a cupboard or closet in a year.  But if you have a lot of disposable income and are totally into shiny chrome appliances with nifty light up buttons, I say go for it!  Happy bread making everyone!

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  1. bread says:

    The no knead bread really does sing – the crust crackles as it cools.