Archive: April 2010

Grocery Hunting, A Pizza Parlor, And Vegan B&J’s Sorbet

April 3, 2010

This morning (I think it’s technically yesterday morning now, but you know what I mean) I woke up with a really bad headache and I didn’t even want to think about food.  I was supposed to go ingredient shopping for tomorrow’s family lunch bright and early with my mom, but we had to postpone until…

Vegan At Moe’s, Potatoes, And More

April 2, 2010

Yesterday, my best friend from college was in town for business so we made plans to grab some lunch before her flight out.  Since we’re both vegan, the main requirement for where to meet is always a vegan-friendly menu!  Since it’s a rather non-vegan-friendly dining area that we were meeting up in our options were…

Your Thoughts Thursday: Being A Vegan Dinner Guest

April 1, 2010

In a vegan utopia, we could all have the same delicious, healthy vegan food available to us when we’re out in the world as we do in our own homes.  The thing is, life is full of adventures, outings, and mixed company, and no one wants to miss out on any of it!  Dining out…